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The Flea Control For Your Pets & Home

Dealing With Flea Infestations.

What To Do & What to Expect.

Many humans experiencing flea bites (actually allergies to flea bites) have great difficulty & exacerbation in ridding their house of fleas, once an infestation has become established. Clearly it is better toEffipro Cat prevent an infestation than to deal with it once established. Flea bites in humans nearly always originate from bites by fleas from their pets. Not uncommonly these fleas are from fleas originating from the pets belonging to previous occupiers of the homes they are living in.

The most important thing to do, to prevent is to treat your pets regularly. Merial makes a claim that the interval between administration of its product Frontline should be five weeks for cats and 2 months for dogs.
I have personally heard their own expert say that this is wrong and it should be applied more frequently. Virbac, who make Effipro claim four weeks intervals for cats and 8 for dogs which is more scientifically correct. Be sure you repeat the treatments at intervals of no more than the Effipro claim and perhaps, initially at least, more frequently, say 3 and 6 weeks for cats and Effipro Spot On Small Dog Flea Treatmentdogs respectively.

Frontline and Effipro have Fipronil as their active ingredient. This is not a systemic drug – that means the drug does not enter the body of your pet, it remains on the skin. Therefore it cannot poison them and is extremely safe. If you keep your pets "topped up" your pet will act as a trap for the fleas, and the fleas will die within an hour or so of jumping on your pet to feed. They have to feed soon after hatching or they will die anyway.
The real problem is how contaminated your house is.Effipro Spot On for Medium dogs Flea Treatment If your pets have not been treated for a long time prior to becoming aware of the infestation, there could be a very heavy contamination of flea eggs. These eggs can hatch and develop into fleas within 3 days and start to lay more eggs. They can lay 200 eggs per week, so in a 9 day period there could be 200 x 200 x 200 = 8,000,000 eggs laid. These eggs are laid by the fleas whilst they are on your pet. Your pet then walks about your house with the flea eggs dropping off their coat rather like you walking about shaking a pepper pot. Therefore the most contaminated areas will be where your pets spend most of their time (especially where they sleep). Thankfully only a small proportion of the flea eggs survive to the hatching stage & mechanical removal such as vacuuming is effective, but this gives you an idea of the numbers involved.

Household sprays such as  Indorex are very useful for killing larvae and Unfortunately it is not possible to spray every nook and cranny that these eggs can get into in a house so you will still get fleas appearing after spraying, and they don't die immediately, they can still get onto your pets, and possibly feed Effipro Spot On Flea Treatment for Large Dogs -Fipronil - Like Frontlinebefore dying If you have not already hoovered everywhere do so, this will remove flea eggs, larvae and fleas from your carpets. Do this regularly initially. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag or container as soon as you have finished. Don’t forget to spray your soft furnishings eg sofa, chairs etc. To sum up after only a few days you would still expect to be seeing fleas but they should get fewer and fewer.

I experienced an infestation in our house the summer before last. This infestation appeared to develop almost instantaneously, which I find hard to explain, poor observation being my best offer, and took 4 weeks to bring under control. Perseverance, is the key to dealing with this problem. Apply the Fipronil (Frontline or Effipro) to your pets regularly and the fleas will eventually disappear.
Don't think that fleas are just a hot weather phenomenon – they like our houses and our central heating Effipro Spot On for Giant Dogs- Christmas is one of the most active times for fleas - you must use the applications all year round.
Finally don't feel ashamed as many people do - you are not alone. You would be amazed at how many dermatitis cases I see due to fleas and the owners are unaware of their presence. Expect to see live (but dying) fleas for the next 10-14 days after beginning a campaign against them and then they will begin to disappear. The problem is the huge numbers involved and the vast number of protective crevices they may end up in, in your house!
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